About Us

Reasons why selecting Pinnacle Properties would be the right choice for your Community

We at Pinnacle Properties, understand that a board member is a voluntary job. We also understand that the voluntary job can turn into a full-time unpaid position. With that being said, Pinnacle goes above and beyond to ensure life as a board member is as easy as possible.

We realize that as a board member you have a strong desire to help your community thrive and sometimes that desire burns out, if you feel like you are spending all day dealing with complaints or trying to figure out where your money is going.

Teaming up with Pinnacle, means you are teaming up with a company that will treat your community like we live there. We take care of your community as if it was our physical business card or presentation property.

Our commitment to you

Pinnacle prides itself on constantly evolving. Either through advancements in software, advancements in management tactics, or through constant schooling and training. Pinnacle sends its managers to variety of schools and training programs to be able to keep up with the changing landscape of the industry. Some of the training institutes that we utilize include, CAI,IREM.


Management Services – Our property managers utilize cutting edge technology when it comes to managing your community. All of our managers are equipped with LTE tablets that allow them to have access to our Management software while in the field. This allows them to create work orders, issue violations and add pictures to both while on site. Our property managers also set up walk arounds with the contractual vendors to make sure all expectations are being met.

Vendors – Pinnacle prides its self on having strong vendor relations. We vet and negotiate with the vendors prior to adding them to the globe vendor list. Our goal is to make sure that your community is paying the best possible price for the best job. A property manager will not release or bring a board member an invoice until the property manager has visited the job to verify that it has been completed. This will alleviate the need for board members to check up on the vendors after the job is complete.

Accounting – Your communities’ treasurer will take solace in knowing that all of Pinnacle’s financial reports conform to GAAP standards. Our property managers will work with your board to best understand which type of reports best works for you and your team. It could range from just an income expense sheet and delinquency report to a much more in depth report containing copies of invoices and bank statements. Pinnacle is here to work for you. To make your job as a board member as easy and painless as possible.

Collections – Pinnacle understands that having a low delinquency rate is the key to a successful community. Pinnacle’s property managers work hand in hand with the communities’ legal team to insure that the collection policy is enforced. Property Managers will monitor the collection reports and follow them from start to finish, even if that means starting the lien or foreclosure process.

Education – Pinnacle believes that another way to make a community board’s life easier, is by education. Pinnacle will send out email blasts to the Board when there is changes in any laws. Pinnacle, upon request, can send out training materials to the Board, if a board member is newly elected and feels they need to be brought up to speed or if a board member is just curious and looking to educate themselves. Pinnacle can also facilitate, acquiring tickets to different events being held by the different training institutes.

FHA – Pinnacle Property Managers, monitor the status of the Communities “FHA Certification”. When it is time to renew, Pinnacle will work with the appropriate parties to make sure that renewing the community is a smooth and painless process.

Portals – Pinnacle offers cutting edge solutions when it comes to the home owner portal. Home owners can log into the portal, pay their account, submit a service request, review documents that are for home owners eyes only and get messages to the Board.

Websites – Pinnacle offers a community website free of charge to the community. This website will have a link to the portal, photos of the community, community events and any important information. This website will also host governing documents and important forms.